CAED Pty Ltd



We recognised the need to simplify electrical drawings to assist the diagnostic speed of maintenance personnel.
This has led to a drawing style that is unique to CAED.

  • 'As Built'- We will create the 'As Built' documentation containing modifications made to the equipment of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
  • OEM Documentation - As part of this service we are usually requested to re-interpret and simplify the original OEM documents to increase system comprehension.
  • Fault Finding Made Easy - Our drawing style is easy to understand and follow and as such are widely used as a drawing standard for mobile mining equipment in the Hunter Valley and Interstate.
  • Reduced equipment down time - A reduction in time taken to understand and follow an electrical circuit is a reduction in time taken to diagnose a problem. Time is money!
  • Professional presentation - we supply to our customer requirements.

Some examples:

  • In electronic format
  • Printed & spiral bound
  • Printed, laminated and bound in a hard cover folder


CAED is a company built on many years of Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls experience that was gained within the Mining and Industrial sectors.

We have installed our control systems on:

  • Drills
  • Dozers
  • Trucks
  • Graders
  • Rubber Tyre Dozers
  • Backhoes

Typical applications that can be combined into a single unit area:

  • Idle Timer control
  • Auto Lube control
  • Machine Monitoring & Shutdown
  • Drill Depth systems
  • Pipe in hole protections
  • Ladder control

All wiring is connected to a single unit (less harnessing, cheaper installation). No flashing code lights. All warnings and indications are on a text based Message Display or graphically on a Touchscreen.