A robust and precise distance measuring device for industrial applications, CAED uses the Astech Laser in conjunction with Drill control systems.

The Laser has a measuring range of 0.2m - 30 metres on all-natural surfaces, does not require a reflector and will detect even on a black surface.

Analog output of 4mA - 20mA and serial interface RS232 or optional RS422.

Our previously supplied LDM41A laser has now been superseded and is replaced with the new LDM42A model.

CAED Pty Ltd is a Certified Distribution Partner for Astech GmbH, therefore, for all sales inquiries please contact us on:


Ph: 0249 912 567



The Capacitance Level Sensor is made of stainless steel 304 (optional for 316).

It is robust and suitable for use in vibration areas, such as vehicles, generators and mobile mining machinery.

Suitable for Diesel and Water level measurement.

Standard lengths for 4-20mA supplied:   420mm, 600mm, 750mm, 850mm

Note: When ordering a sensor the Part number is: DF-4-XXX.

‘XXX’ indicates one of the above depth measurements.

Replace the XXX with the applicable measurement.

Only one standard length for 0-5V supplied:  850mm:   Part number: DF-1-850


The tilt switch operates by measuring the earth’s gravitational field with a three-axis accelerometer.

The output is on when at 0° and off when angle is greater than ± 45° in a single axis for Vertical mounting (TSW-Mast) or in dual axis for Horizontal mounting (TSW2-Dual).

24VDC Non mercury type tilt switch.


The Speed Pulse Amplifier will amplify low level signals from magnetic pick up sensors and output a 24VDC pulse that can drive the input of a PLC controller.


The AOS distinguishes itself from the general inclinometer products on the market today, by delivering a precise angle, even when stressed with vibration, acceleration, shock and temperature variations.

The AOS sensor combines 3 different sensors: accelerometer, gyro and a magnetometer.

This gives the AOS 9 degrees of freedom. The individual sensor data is fused together to calculate the angle in relation to centre of gravity. The AOS is designed for use in vehicles and mobile machinery.