To be an essential provider of electrical drawing services to the mining industry by:

  • Remaining an integral extension of our client’s businesses.
  • Work in our Clients best interest.
  • Continuing to be innovative in the approach for solutions to our client problems.
  • Broadening our knowledge and skills base, this will expand avenues for new markets.
  • Building on and consolidating the reputation of being an up to date, quality organisation.
  • Expanding our team and providing a stable and enjoyable place of employment.

Our intention is to not only support, but to also help lead the direction of our clients from a technical and professional viewpoint.


  • Developed a reputable electrical drafting service that many major Mobile Mining Equipment Manufacturers request to have as supplied documentation for site use.

  • Developed a Drill Control System which was adopted by a major drill manufacturer in 1997 and installed on over 160 of their drills which are still in use to this present day.

  • This system is with an interface to pass information to several Mining Data Acquisition companies eg: Minestar, Modular Mining & Leica.

  • Developed a Depth Indication By Laser (DIBL) system for Mining Drills. This is a ‘retro-fit’ package allowing integration to both old and new machines. This system has the benefit of a reliable Pipe in Hole protection system.

  • Working with a large WA company from concept to implementation for their multiple control systems on varied mining machines both in Australia and internationally.

  • A wide and diverse selection of Signature Electrical Projects & products.