Founder and principal Allan Eglit had 20 years of Electrical, Instrumentation and PLC Control experience prior to starting CAED Pty Ltd.

In 1994 he began re-interpreting electrical drawings for his own comprehension whilst working within the mining industry. Fellow work colleagues had shown interest and then their preference to use his documentation rather than the original machine drawings, so Allan decided to approach several outside companies and gauge if there was an interest in his services.

By 1997 he found that the demand for his work had grown to a point where he felt the need to open his own company - CAED Pty Ltd and devote 100% of his time to successfully service this new market.

CAED’s electrical drawings are now Australia wide.


After the establishment of CAED and the success of the Drawing business, another division to the company was added - System Integrator.

It was identified that there was a need for customised control systems on mobile mining equipment and CAED’s focus was to look at how we could bring new ideas and concepts to the market.

Design, supply and acceptance of CAED’s diverse range has proven to be very successful on all forms of mining equipment: Dozers, Water Trucks, Drills etc.

Whether providing single components or entire systems our goal is to innovate and offer personalised solutions.